WordPress Maintenance Plan

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What we do



On the backend, we make sure that we update all plugins, softwares and internal apps that we need to ensure that your clients are getting the best experience possible and ensuring that all of the technical stuff on the back ends works together. Along with that our plan includes content update.

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Why Do You Need A Website Maintenance Plan?



You’d be surprised at how much your brand changes with growth.The million dollar question is why isn’t your website growing and changing, also? No matter how well your carefully crafted website is doing, your website cannot sit still. That’s where we come in at with our website maintenance services. 

We know how hard you’ve worked for your brand. We provide the updates and changes that your brand needs and we make the required updates that your website needs to remain healthy on the front end, as well as the backend. 


Having a monthly website maintenance package is like having a mechanic in your back pocket. We help you fix certain issues before it gets out of hand, which in turn, helps saves you time and money in the long run.  

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Our Scope of WordPress Maintenance

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Check & Delete Spam Comments

Update Blog & Page Content

Update Plugins

Create Backups

Improve your site speed

Install A Favicon

Update Images

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Install a plugin

Recommend a plugin

Upgrade WordPress core

Upgrade WordPress Theme

Check page size and load time

Basic Site Maintenance 

Check & Recommend Security Issues

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