Ultimate Social Media Marketing


  • A custom content bank that will be created and reviewed.
  • 60 custom posts catered to your audience and created by marketing gurus specializing in content creation
  • Optimal content scheduling
  • Social media advertisement via Instagram and/or Facebook depending on your targeting audience
  • Stock images/videos as needed to engage your followers/fans
  • Top 10 hashtags for your targeted market
  • Weekly interactions with your fans/ followers
  • Simplified monthly analytics explained to you
  • Around the clock support


This “Ultimate social media marketing package” is a medium management and marketing package that focuses on unique and targeted content creation and real interaction/engagements to grow your following organically. This package is for the small business owner who would love to grow their brand’s conversion rate via social media but don’t quite have the time or the know-how to dedicate to marketing their brand via social media. This package includes:


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