Never Question This Investment For Your Brand!

Do You question making investments? What about Investments for your brand? If so, this blog is for you!

As a brand consultant and strategist, I often get asked for free advice. No Biggie, right? Depending on the severity of the person and their brand’s situation, I usually point them into the right direction by either: (a) sending them to my consulting packages for advanced information and strategies, or (b) I refer them to my blog for free advice.
I also offer a 15 minute consultation to see if my services are right for their brand. Either way or another, I put them through my funnel system!

When people ask me for free time for advice over lunch or coffee, I often think about all of the investments that I had to make to put me in this position! All of the books that I read, the mastermind courses that I took a chance on, those 1 on 1 coaching and so much more.
Here’s the questions that pops up
  • Why should I possibly offer my best proven strategies and expertise for free?
  • Am I really only worth a cup of coffee? 
Don’t get me wrong, I want everyone to succeed in all ways when it comes to building a brand, but my time is valuable, my information is valuable, my strategies are customized and are tailored made for your brand’s unique position, and my work is proven. That’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly!
I often refer to an analogy  by telling them to look at my brand as the clothing that they are wearing. “Did you buy that business suit for fun or did you make an “Investment” to  attract more leads, find potential clients or look good in that meeting? Exactly my point! It’s an “Investment”!
The word investment is one of those terms that everyone glorifies on the potential return, but no one wants to put in the desired requirements for that major return.

 So, When Do you Make That Investment For Your Brand?


Whenever you’re financially ready to make an “Investment” and when the “INVESTMENT” makes sense is when you make that jump.
The right answer is simple.Think of it as stock options. A wise investor will only jump in when they are ready to make a commitment for a better return, right? Well, it’s the same mindset to have when you need to make an investment in your business.

Don’t be fooled. Everything disguised as an investment isn’t a good opportunity. Just like in the stock market, you should do plenty of researching on the potential options to make sure it’s a perfect fit. If not, you may not have any great ROI on your investment.
For example: if your objective is to grow your brand to the next level, an investment in a startup coach may not be your best option. Just maybe, a brand strategist is the best option.
Making investments in your band is a risky game to play. Allow me to help you make a decision on whatever you’re thinking. Contact me here

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