Entrepreneurs, Take a Vacation & Thank me Later!

 Guess what y’all? 

I took a vacation and it was more than needed!

A lot of you all that knows me and my work or at least follow me on social media sites should already know the type of person that I am. For the ones that don’t know me quite well, I’m the owner of G. Jones Group, LLC. G. Jones Group, LLC is a creative brand building firm specializing in helping entrepreneurs startup, Stand out & Succeed.

Outside of G. Jones Group, LLC, I am involved in a lot of organization’s boards, I’m a part time cyclist working on my cyclist instructor licenses in the mean time, I’m a firearm and cigar lover and collector. I should probably have a blog on those 2 things. That’s besides the point, though. Most importantly, I’m a father of 2 young boys. (Ages: Kristian 5, Kayden 3) I also manage to keep my household together and running somehow.


Many entrepreneurs can relate to this demanding lifestyle and they know exactly where I’m coming from with this. If you can’t relate, then you can imagine the type of schedule and urgency you must have on a regular basis to keep your head above water. After running my company all day and then running behind my boys to running errands to maintain the household, You can imagine how exhausted I usually become after a days worth of this. Well, imagine doing this day in and day out for weeks at a time. Now imagine doing it for months at a time. Some people can go as long as years before they realize how drastic this feeling is and the damages it can do to their wellbeing!

That’s my point exactly!

I get extremely tired! I mean completely tired of everything. Tired of responding to emails, tired of answering calls, tired of it all. This isn’t good at all because if I’m not feeling up to par, I’m not doing my best work and if that’s the case, Im not making the best decisions, I’m probably distracted, I’m not focused, I’m unattached, unengaged and more importantly; Im not getting paid!

Feeling overworked and exhausted will always show in your work and in your brand’s overall health no matter what you’re drained from

What do you do when you get to this point?

When you’re an entrepreneur and you are at the point in life where everything and everyone is wearing you out mentally, physically, emotionally and you seem to be at the boiling point, It is time to unplug completely and recharge your batteries! It’s the only option!

By unplugging, I mean taking yourself away from your business for a while completely.

To achieve the maximum effect of unplugging, you need to get away from the laptop, turn off your business lines, get away from the office for a few days, set your email to autoresponder so that you don’t feel obligated to respond , and getting away from all means of work! Just a couple of days!

Jacksonville Florida beach

As an entrepreneur, the idea of unplugging myself from my workload sounded amazing and impossible at the same time! But to revive myself, I knew that I had to at least try to take a break. I took the chance by unplugging and taking this impossible sounding vacation.

I took a road trip down to Jacksonville Florida, which is only about 3 hours and 30 minutes away from where I’m from.

It was a relaxing trip where I spent time with friends at the beach for hours, I went night swimming in the hotel’s pool, and I went to Dave & busters  where I enjoyed eating great food, playing games, drinking alcoholic beverages and most importantly, enjoying my vacation away from work.

There was no point where I felt like I needed to focus on my work instead of enjoying my vacation!

This is what it was all about

Unplugging myself and taking this vacation was amazing and now that I’m back to work, I feel that it was necessary. Unplugging these last few days gave me the boost that I needed to get back on top of my brand! I’m full of energy and motivation and I’m back in the office responding to emails, returning calls, and writing this post like I had never left!

If you’re in the entrepreneurship field and you feel yourself draining by the seconds, Unplug and plan you a vacation. It  doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t have to be far and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to visit Dubai, unless thats where you’re wanting to go. It just have to happen!

Leave your laptop at the office and enjoy yourself. Imagine your life as if you didn’t have to work so hard daily! I know that it sounds very impossible to step away from your brand, but it’s not.  The key to achieving a successful vacation is to thoroughly plan it and  plan your brand and your workload around it and not during your vacation!

If you need help scheming on your vacation away from your  brand and you’d like to know how I achieved maximum work while limiting my reach into my brand, let’s talk!

Once again, I know it sounds impossible but it’s not. You just have to realize that this is what you need to do and just do it! It’ll completely be worth it in the end.

What’s your thoughts on completely unplugging?

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