When your brand needs help:Rethink, Reboot, & Rebrand!

Is it time to Rethink, Reboot, and Rebrand your brand?


Each year, many brand owners closes their doors for many reasons. Many time they fail because they failed to plan or they found themselves in a situation that they can’t seem to get away from. Most of the times, It’s so simple to get away from those problem.

Every year, at least (3) three times a year, I do what I call a brand evaluation. This is where I take a deep mental reflection and ask myself questions about my brand. These questions usually reflect the current status of my brand’s progress and outcomes from the last brand evaluation. I focus on questions like:
  • Do I feel as if my brand is as successful as the last brand audit?
  • Am i more productive than the last brand evaluation?
  • Am I making more money while doing less work than the last brand evaluation? If not, what can be done to catch me up to my ideal spot in business?


These  questions are just a few of many that I ask myself to get a mental recap on how my brand is performing. Brand evaluations are simple for me because as a brand consultant, I know certain things to look for in my brand, I know how to find blindspots in certain situations, and most importantly, I know how to market a brand!

To an average business owner, brand evaluations are foreign languages. Many business owners rarely see errors in their brand, or they rarely see the negative trends that their brand possess. While some brand owners try to audit themselves, it really doesn’t help if you can’t get an outside perception of your brand from their idea consumer viewpoint.

If you’re not sure if you need a brand evaluation, Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your brand financially stable?
  • Can you accurately project your next 2 or 3 months income?
  • Are majority of your sale leads coming through successful?
  • Can you gain new clients/consumer without selling yourself short ?
  • Are you learning how to maintain momentum when your brand is going through downtime?
  • Do you have a brand plan?
  • Does your vision align with the mission statement?

If you answered “NO” to majority of these questions, then we need to have a talk! Depending on how many “No” answers you had, you may be in dire need of a brand evaluation from a brand consultant.


How is a brand evaluation done?

Thoroughly, of course! Anyone that tells you that a brand evaluation is a quick and easy process is slightly mistaken. A brand evaluation is a recap of almost every aspect of your brand. If your brand can be recapped in a couple of minutes, you may be overdue for a complete brand reboot.
Brand evaluation requires someone to study your brand from a specialist viewpoint, a brand owner viewpoint and most importantly, a customer viewpoint. Besides, you’re in business to serve customers or clients, right?
Brand evaluation should consist of studies of your social media engagement, Your website, your brands day-to-day action, The brand owner’s mentality and capacity, the brand’s marketing strategy, and most importantly, The services or product for that market!

So once I Hire a strategist, What should I expect?

 After you’ve hired a trustworthy brand consultant or strategist, you should feel a slight relief. This brand strategist should be able to audit your brand and give you details on whats wrong and what to do! Once you get your audit report, you should consult with the strategist to what you may or may not agree on. Once you’ve done this part, it’s time to get to work.
When you completely  agree with the findings from your brand evaluations, then you should start focusing on the  recommendations and/or proven points in that report to help take your brand to the next level.

Now What?

When you’ve done this part, it’s time to followup with your strategist and your report. You should be able to see tremendous changes in your brand’s habits. You should be able to compare your brand before and after the evaluation to see how the changes have impacted your brand.
If you’re still confused on when you need to reboot, rebrand or get a strategist, contact us to talk!

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