5 Reason You Need A Social Media Marketing Manager

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic

Why is it important for your business to know about social media marketing?

In today’s world, social media marketing has become the number one form of marketing for many businesses. With being able to reach millions of individuals from literally the palm of your hands, It’s easy to understand why so many brands are choosing to put more efforts into it. While most brands are busy, they often neglect their brand’s online space leaving so much potential money on the table. That’s where social media marketing managers come in at. We are often the connection between the business and it’s daily online presences.

The million dollar question is: Why does your brand need one?

They keeps up with online trends!

Great social media managers know trends. They know when to use them and how to use them effectively. Trends are by far one of the things that smart and strategic brands do to put their brand in the ” online Hype”. Just because a meme is the thing to do doesn’t necessarily means that it’s the right fit for your brand. Smart social media  managers know when to play with the online moment of fame!

Should your brand use memes?

They are Your Online Analytics Gurus

Marketing is all about numbers. A great social media manager knows how to not only research the numbers, but they
also know how to take the numbers that works and implement more of what works into their social media strategies. Most business owner are too often caught up in the daily tasks of their business. They usually don’t pay attention to anything more than the likes on their page. The likes are good but there are other numbers that matters: such as referrals to and from the site, Daily peaks trend, and even clicks where individuals spent the most time on. Great social media marketing managers also takes information and put into dashboards or reports that’s detailed, yet simple enough to analyze.

Tracking Social Media Marketing Analytics In Google Analytics

They help you with time Management!

One of the main reasons to hire a social media marketer manager is to save you on time as a business owner. The one thing that can’t be replaced in business is the time wasted. While social media is imperative and almost a must do for growth, It often becomes a necessity to your regular day to day tasks.  Once you outsource your social media marketing efforts, You’ll begin to notice a more effective marketing ROI if it’s done correctly.

Creative & Fresh Ideas

As a social media manager, one of the best parts of the job is to be able to bring fresh ideas to a brand’s marketing campaign. Social media managers are usually very creative and quick on their toes when it comes to social media marketing. When brand owners are drowned in the day to day work, Social media managers are often focused on fresh new and creative ideas that draws in your potential clients and customers.

We help Increase Social media Engagements

What is being said about your brand when you aren’t paying attention? When someone needs information about your business through social media and you’re too focused on running the physical aspects of the business, how do you manage to be in two places at once?

Great social media marketers know how to track keywords, titles, and certain hashtags that are being used around your business. Are you aware of what your customers/clients are saying about your brand online while you’re busy managing your business? They also help with recommendations which has become a great thing on social media! Individuals are requesting for services or products that you provide almost daily. How are you ensuring that your brand is mentioned? The social media marketing manager will be on the forefront to put your business out there

Here are just a few ways hiring someone to manage your social medial campaign can benefit your business. Social media marketing is imperative for growth and shouldn’t be ignored. It can bring in revenues that other marketing effort can’t. Be sure to find a good social media manager who knows that likes or only a piece of what’s important for your business. If you’re interested in learning the tricks of social media marketing, Check out some of these books below. If you’re interested in talking about your current social media marking efforts, schedule a obligation-free consultation to discuss it here 

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