How do people really feel about us, millennials?

When you think of the word “millennial”, What exactly comes to your mind? When I think of the word “millennial”, I contemplate personalities like: Forward thinkers, game changers, record breakers, innovators, game shakers, and the new generation of leaders just to name a few.

Those above just may be the correct terminology for millennials but do everyone feel that way about the game changing millennials?

While I was at a bank depositing funds that I made from my millennial business, a conversation about youth and opening banking accounts came up between me and the bank tellers. A guy behind me ( apparently a generation older) came to the next teller saying that “many of the younger generation don’t trust banks, they prefer to have money in their hands.“. Maybe he had a point there. He then proceeded to say that “he knew that he would step on some toes on the next statement” and then he proceeded to say that:

“Millennials are the most ignorant generation that there has ever been”

I remember it verbatim. It sort of struck a nerve in me. Here we were standing at the same bank at the same time. I’m dressed in normal clothing depositing money that I’ve made from my company, and here you are depositing money for the company that you work for.

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with working for anyone because I did it for the longest. I was only fortunate to start working for myself when I realized that my passion was to help entrepreneurs become successful.

I could have easily sat there and argued with the guy for hours over why he’s wrong as well as unqualified to speak on the whole millennial population, but I didn’t. I took my deposit slip and left with a huge smile.

In my opinion, what the guy should have said was ” from my experience of dealing with the millennial population at the company that I work for, or the millennials that I know,  I don’t think that they are on the right track to lead our future.”

Just maybe, I would have taken that a little better.


Overall, is this what the older generation feel about millennials? Whats your take on this?


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