How To Manage Anxiety & Business

Managing Anxiety & My business! How a recent health scare changed the way that I looked at and managed my business!

I recently went through this mentally tough time where I let stress and overworking myself get the best of me. I had just been introduced to having Generalized Anxiety Disorder. (This is something that i would have never thought I’d have.) Anxiety took over my thoughts, my blood pressure was higher than normal and the anxiety had me so unfocused on business, I didn’t care if i didn’t get another client from either one of my businesses after that. On top of this, I still had a normal life to live that was also affected.


After a couple of full blood work tests, EKGs and a few thousands bucks spent at those doctor’s offices just to be told that my body is so use to prolonged stress which, in turns, created this anxiety disorder, I’m mentally stronger, I’m more prepared daily, my business is growing beyond my original vision and I’m learning how to navigate with the day-to-day stress! I know there are many others who consider themselves go getters like myself who doesn’t pay attention to the signs until it’s too late! Hopefully, I can save you some time while you’re managing mental health issues like anxiety and your business.

I Asked For Help

I’ve always been about doing it all. During this time, I quickly begin to realize that i was fighting an uphill battle. I then begin to realize that I needed help. At this very moment, I felt a slight sense of relief. (Not enough to call off the help, though lol.) ! reached out to my general practitioner at my next doctor’s appointment who gave me two choices; Get doped up with some medicine or use a therapist for some good old CBT. Being that I didn’t want to take any more medication, paying for the therapist was the clear choice for me.

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I also found another therapist program. The other therapist that I chose was via LiveHealth , one of those virtual therapists that you can talk to through the phone or computer via a platform similar to Skype. To Keep it short, Talking about things in my life and my business has really help me get things out. It’s crazy because the therapist hasn’t told me anything that I haven’t heard or that I don’t already know, but it’s good to hear it from someone who sees people like me on a regular basis. I’ll have to update the conversations for another blog! They are dope and keep me moving in the right direction!


Hire, Delegate and/Or Outsource

To be transparent with y’all, If it wasn’t for my health scare, I would have never brought myself to delegation. As a small business owner, I like to keep all the money in-house! I’m usually the type of person that can do it all from accounting to the web designing  & Marketing that my company offers.

Clearing up my plate by delegation, or outsourcing mean that i could focus on more delicate tasks that would in-turn, Double my productivity and my income more effortless!

When you’re in the everyday hustle of your business, the obvious isn’t so obvious anymore. You don’t think like this and the more I look back on it, the more I realized the amount of time i wasted just being “busy” instead of being productive.. Don’t be afraid to get some work off your plate. Your mind, body, and business will thank you in the long run!

Exercise & Diet

This is a big one for me!!

Some of the greatest entrepreneurs focus on this! How could i not take this seriously? The answer is simple! Well, I’ve always felt like i was in pretty good condition. I can go a few rounds of tag with my kiddos, I can run a basketball game, I can still throw a football and pretty much use my energy like I was in high school again. Thats why!

Little did i know that my insides were having a little adrenaline pumping on its own without me knowing. Stress causes your body to have to work double time to keep up with the demands of your organs. When it’s daily chronic stress such as stressful jobs, living arrangements, or bad lifestyle changes, your body get stuck in overdrive even when you’re not stressed! Well, at least thats why I’m writing this post!


Once I realized how serious my health issues could be, I knew that i had to make lifestyle changes. As far as diet goes, I cut back on sodium-rich foods, focused on the DASH diet including cutting out majority of restaurants. Drinking only water for a while, then i added in gatorades, powerades and Body Armor sports drinks since they are filled with the electrolytes that our bodies needs. I added more apples and bananas to my diet, and I cooked more greens in my meal prep!

As far as exercising goes, I decided to step away from the weight benches a little and focus heavily on cardio and HIIT workouts . I aim to do at least 30- 40 minutes minimum of intensive heart pumping cardio when i go and when I go to my other gym, I use the sauna to reap some of those great benefits!

After about a week of constantly controlling what I ate and focusing on cardio, I begin to notice a huge boost. My daily energy level boosted my productivity for my business, and most importantly, my day to day life!


This was something that i could never imagine doing in my life but at this point, anything that could help control my anxiety and help my business is what i was willing to learn. My therapist actually recommended this to me. I’ve always found it difficult to “quiet my mind”. I always have something going on in my head. A typical day goes from “what I’m cooking for dinner”, “What i need to update for a client” or some type of marketing strategy that randomly pops up in my mind.  I’ve tried a few youtube videos that play meditation music and i focus on the music and breathing! At first, it was extremely difficult to focus. After a few different attempts, It’s something that I consider necessary to do a few times a week! You can use apps like Headspace, or Breath to relax.

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My 5 R’s ( Rest, Relax, Reset, Recover, & Reorganize)

These 5 R’s are a must for us go getters! 


Out of all the points above, this was the most important for me, my anxiety and my business! If you know me, you know how much i’m always on go!  I didn’t realize how important this was to me & my business until I was forced into learning the hard way. As business owners, We try to put out all the fires that we possibly can. By the time we put out those fires, you have another beast to tackle. At this point, you’ve lost so much time and energy.


During this time, I was forced to focus on these 5 R’s. My mind and body was drained and I constantly worried about my health. As a result, I had to take time off from business just to take care of myself! My clients didn’t hear from me, My work piled up, I avoided  communication, and i avoided business social media accounts. Overall, it was a disaster for the G Jones Group brand.

This is when i began to focused on the above points. The results were unbelievable. I grew into a better version of myself. My visions became clearer, My thoughts were complete, My productivity levels grew, and I felt more alive than ever!


These 5 R’s were literally the ultimate caffeine that I needed to continue in business!



These were things that helped me become mentally strong for my business. Have you let your anxiety affect your business?




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