Entrepreneurs; It’s Ok If they don’t “Get It”

One of the hardest things to understand as an entrepreneur is being around people who just don’t get it. “It” as in the mindset that we possess, the mission, the current and end goals that we aim for!
We often try to surround ourselves with the people that we’ve known for years. The same people that we thought would have our best interests in mind. Truth is, maybe they do have our best interest in mind. It’s possible that they are a part of the people that just “Don’t Get It”!
We are often raised with these same people, yet we have completely different viewpoints of the “it factor”. We have some of the same attributes, backgrounds, and even childhood memories yet, “It” isn’t something that they understand.

What good is it to our entrepreneur sighted minds when we try to help them understand our viewpoints as millennials, brand builders and entrepreneurs? They can’t see the “it” that we see!

So here’s the catch 22!

The bad news is that they will probably never understand! Never!  The good news is that, it’s okay that they don’t understand. You should consider yourself one of the few elite with a different Viewpoint that only a select few will know! Maybe that’s why you’re here reading this post, right?
Let’s put things into perspective!
It’s one of those scenarios where an employee gets a promotion and become a supervisor or a manager. I know this feeling all too well.
As an employee who has never been in management all you know is that management isn’t on the front line working and they don’t understand your role in the company. You may even feel as if they make decisions blindingly.
The moment that you become the leader of an organization, you start to see the things that you couldn’t see as an employee. You start looking at the bigger picture of what has to be done and how to achieve it because now, you are responsible for more than your front line role in the company!
Now as a leader, you notice all the backend work, you notice that the things that you said about management was completely false, you start to notice the smaller things that once before, seemed irrelevant!
Well guess what!
This is no different from your situation with the people around you that just don’t get it!
Well, They don’t get it. Now what?
As an entrepreneur who isn’t normally or naturally  social, I found it hard to bring new people around my ideas. I tried so hard to get my friends and other close people who didn’t get it, to revisit some of my businesses and help me make them happen! Guess what, They didn’t get it! I ended up closing the book on so many of my projects that I realized that I had to surround myself with people like me! I started finding local networking events, I starting reaching out to local communities and I start cold calling marketing. I forced myself to find those people who get it!.

Now that I understand that it’s ok if my close people don’t get it, I can save time on my current and future business by skipping to the good part.
If they don’t get it, don’t give it!
Have you had an experience where you realized that people just didn’t get it?

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