3 Things Your Website Needs To Convert

“Anyone can create a website” via platforms likeSquarespace & Wix“. “I don’t have to pay a website designer”. My website isn’t that important, I just need something up”. “My website doesn’t have to be fancy like the other websites that you do

These are all things I hear when people fail to realize the importance of having a website for their brand. Not only have a website but one that converts. A website that converts is typically one that’s set up correctly by a professional or at least someone who knows how to implement these few things below.


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Your Website should have Clear & Strategic Call To Action


Successful website leads depend on your website’s ability to capture customer’s key “pain points”. If you don’t have a strategic and clear call to action on the website, your leads have nowhere to follow up, sign up, or go to the next level in your funnel. If your website’s visitor can’t easily find out how to move to the next step, you may lose them to your competitors.


One CTA is not optimal. The key is to have a good ratio of content to call-to-action. Your online leads are scrolling fast once they get past your landing area and they are looking for certain key points on your website. If they find the key point that they are looking for, and it doesn’t have a follow-up, Chances are, they are going to lose interest quick.


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A few ways to implement strategic call to actions on your websites is to include clear and bold actions such as:

  • Learn More 

    This is the G. Jones Group, LLC Home page currently. The CTA is straight to the point. You learn about my company and you then have the option to view our work.
  • Sign Up Now
  • Read More
  • Contact Us
  • Get Your Ebook/ Free Content Now


Here are just a few ways you can implement strong CTA’s on your website. Make sure that you craft your CTAs for your audience. What works well for one type of audience may not be a good fit for the next.


Strong Landing Page


This is a website that I created some time ago. This website landing area is clear and to the point. It has everything that you will need to make a quick decision on this company.

It’s like an elevator pitch, but quicker and more visual! You have approximately 5-10 seconds to sell your brand and convert it.

Once your website loads, The first thing your potential client will see is the landing page. The landing area should tell your story within that time frame. This landing page will be what first-time visitors judge your brand off of. If you don’t have a strong landing page, chances are you will lose the visitor for a long time and probably have a high bounce rate.

Remember that you have 5-10 seconds to completely sell your brand to those visitors. You don’t want to waste time on content that doesn’t convert! Be Clear, Concise, to the point and sell.


Valuable Content Is King on Websites

Content is King! It has always been king and will always be king, especially when it comes to website conversion!

In my opinion, great and valuable content trumps fancy designs on any website. I’ve seen content convert quicker than any design ever will. You could have the ugliest website in the world and still have regular viewers that converts every time. You’ll still have to implement some of the other points above to get near great conversion rates but this is your strongest sales tool.


Invest in great content if you’re wanting to convert more leads. It’s the one thing that those leads will come back for if they need to,


While there is no right or wrong way to create a lead, there are proven ways that can almost guarantee you conversion including my top 3 things that I recommend focusing on.



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