Mailchimp Training


Why Should Your Brand Use Mailchimp?


Email marketing is still one of the greatest methods of marketing, Period! With the power of today’s smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices right at our fingertip, people are now viewing messages, social networking sites and of course, your brand’s email campaigns!!

Brands that don’t use email marketing campaign and email lists could be missing out on many opportunities in today’s busy world. Email list for brand are now becoming an essential part of what brands should be doing. You can’t afford to be missing out on an email campaign.

In my opinion, Mailchimp is one of the greatest tool that a brand can posses. It’s simple to use, It offers many templates for quick email blasts. It’s available on all possible devices, and it features a bold but easy to design, drag and drop designer via the platform.

If you’re interested in growing your brand by using an email list, but don’t know exactly how to start, or how to use it, sign up for our MailChimp & Email List training to start you on the right track. For only $35, this mail chimp training includes but not limited to:

  • How to design your own email campaign
  • How to understand, review and take advantage of mailchimp’s analytical reports
  • How to incorporate mailchimp’s opt-opt in forms on your site (pop-ups, Widget customization, and etc,)
  • Creating Headlines That will catch your audience’s eyes?
  • Scheduling your email campaigns
  • How to engage your audience through your email

What are you waiting on? Start building your campaign with this affordable mailchimp and email list training program.