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G. Jones Group , LLC is a creative Web Development & Business consulting agency focused on helping businesses startup, standout, and succeed.

Websites That Works

We design and build responsive, well planned stunning, one-of-a-kind websites that are designed with your bottom line in mind.  We’ve built many websites where we’ve helped  businesses grow, launch e-commerce stores, and build clientele with our web design and SEO services.

You need a website that serves “ALL” of your business needs. We are here to help you with that. Our team builds intelligent websites automations, intuitive site map flow and a functional personalities that fits your business.

Your website has less than 30 seconds to convert.. Reeling in your targeted market through your website starts the moment their eyes hit the page. Hiring an agency that knows how to format a website that converts your audience into long terms clients/customers is the key to a successful website.

During the process, We believe in “efficient communication” with the point of contact. We relay all information thoroughly, and keep you up to date with delays and/or updates. We also work around the clock to ensure that your website is done in a reasonable but, timely manner.

Web Development FAQ's

What Do I Need To Get

All content and images are important to receive before we start on your project so we can stay on track. Please have all text prepared in a Word document. Also, please make sure it is free of any spelling errors before sending over. All photos should be in JPEG or PNG format. Please absolutely no screenshots that need cropping. Professional photos are a highly recommened! It makes everything look… professional! If you do not have professional photos, We recommend CreateHerStock!

All services require a deposit before the start of the project! Once the deposit is received, The hosting and domain name will be paid for and put on hold until your website is ready to go live! If you’d like to use Paypal credit to invest in your brand, check into the banner below

How Do I Get Started?

Websites usually takes up to  4-5 weeks to complete. After the contract has been signed and your payment/deposit has been received I will send you an overview of what I’ll need from you. Once this is done, We begin the building process. Once we’re half way through the building phase, we, will have you to check the direction of the website. Once you approve of the half way mark, we will then start to finalize the website. At this point, we will do an in-house finalization and then a finalization with you. At this point, you’ll learn simple methods to keep your website and its content up to date.

What is a Domain Name?

An example of a domain is www.GJonesGroup.com.

I recommend purchasing your domain from GoDaddy.com.

Am I Able To Maintain My Own Website?

Yes, we build websites on platforms where our clients can easily go and make their own edits and additions. Once we do our final review with you, we show you basic maintenance so that you are able to maintain

If you prefer, you can hire us to manage your site and make changes and updates when needed. We offer package for clients who would like to make sure their website is always up to do!

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Welcome to the VIP Booth. My VIP booth is filled with a few of my favorite projects and/or clients.Some of this work includes Brand management, Web development, Brand consulting, co-directing, and a few other things that we do here to help our client’s succeed.

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We’d love to learn more about what you’re wanting to do with your website. Contact us here for a custom quote or just to reach out to our professionals to discuss websites and more!

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