Whether you’re wanting to start your business from the ground up, or take your existing business from an expensive hobby to a profitable business, We’ve got you covered. We offer strategic coaching solutions that are curated for your exact needs.

When it comes to developing a brand and its relationship, The magic happens from the inside out.

What this means for you is that when you hire us to help develop your dream brand, we take the time  out to learn our customers/clients. During this process, we learn your strengths, weaknesses, accolades, short & long term business goals and so much more that would possibly help you with developing the brand that you envision.

Brand Clarity

When starting a business, the only thing that’s clear to you is the idea of a profitable business. For most new entrepreneurs, the first phase is usually the toughest simply because there’s that natural fear, there’s obstacles that you can’t plan for and so many other things that could go wrong. Going through the 1st phase of brand building (Foundational aspects) is usually not something that you want to try to tackle by yourself which is why I’m here!

Brand Clarity 101 is where I’ll Help you build a solid foundation for your brand with a combination of_

  • 3 (15) minute power sessions Consultation
  • “The ultimate brand building workbook” PDF File
  • 1 (30) minute Workbook review & Strategy session

By the time you’re done with this phase, you’ll have a strong idea of how you’ll make money from your brand, how to find and engage your targeted audience, how to pitch your brand to potential clients and investors and other important business foundational aspects.


3 Month Partner

The 3-month partner program is for the entrepreneurs who needs someone to walk alongside them to provide directions, guidance and most importantly, accountability. During the 3-month partner program, You’ll also get 1 on 1 conversations that gets down deep into the heart of your business. This program will encourage and pursue you to reach goals that you thought were out of reach. During this segment, I will “keep it 100” with you when it comes to your brand from my personal and professional experience in business.


During our commitment, You’ll have 30 minutes of recorded content from either our video chat or phone conference twice a week for the entire 3 months of the program, Email follow-ups, unlimited encouragement & support during the project, and strategic plans that we will both curate to help your brand grow! You’ll have plenty of homework to do because your brand won’t work unless you do!




Audit & Strategy

When the love that you once had for your brand has faded and you are on the verge of giving up, make one last investment before you decide to part ways from your once-loved expensive hobby of a business. Invest in a brand audit!  In our brand audits, we thoroughly evaluate your logo, website, social media presence and any other type of online presence that you may have to give you professional insight on whats working and what’s not working! After that we will provide you with an action plan and a accountability partner to help you move forward!

This package includes:

  • a (15) minute discovery call in which will reveal key areas of your brand
  • G. Jones Group, LLC Ultimate brand building workbook (PDF),
  • A strategic Action plan with key points and weaknesses to help you highlight problematic areas, 
  • (2) (15) minutes sessions (in person is on availability) 
  • a followup session within the next 2 months!

Ideas & Iced Coffee

Do you have so many questions about starting a business, maintaining finances, or anything brand building? This package is great for you!

“Ideas and Iced Coffee” is a no-obligation, no commitment, information packed power hour of my best opinions and ideas that you may have on your mind about business. During our “ideas and Iced Coffee” power hour, I am fully committed to answer all questions and concern over branding, brand building, business incorporation, websites social media, marketing and any other thing that you may have questions about  In this power hour, you will be sent a questionnaire so that I can understand things about your brand before hand. This ensures that you get the full hour of my expertise.

The Ideas and Iced Coffee will be at a location & time that we will mutually agree on. If you aren’t in the local area, the rates and process will remain the same. We will agree on email consultation, Phone conference, or Skype.