Accountability 101

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The accountability 101 program is an intensive 1-on-1 intensive partner program. This package is best is for the entrepreneurs who needs someone to walk alongside them to provide directions, guidance and most importantly, accountability. During the 3-month partner program, You’ll also get 1 on 1 conversations that gets down deep into the heart of your business. This program will encourage and pursue you to reach goals that you thought were out of reach. During this segment, I will “keep it 100” with you when it comes to your brand from my personal and professional experience in business.

During our commitment, You’ll have 30 minutes of recorded content from either our video chat or phone conference twice a week for the entire 3 months of the program, Email follow-ups, unlimited encouragement & support during the project, and strategic plans that we will both curate to help your brand grow! You’ll have plenty of homework to do because your brand won’t work unless you do!

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So, You’re one of those people that have the potential to build the next big thing! You have all of the right connection, all of the resources, the right mindset and a ready to get to it mentality.


At the same time, you lack discipline, structure and most importantly; ACCOUNTABILITY!!


Don’t worry. Lots of people are in the same boat! Luckily for yo, You’ve stumbled across this page!